Global leader in the minicrane sector

Located in the heart of Italy’s north-eastern industrial pole, Jekko combines the top quality of the Italian manufacturing tradition with the innovative ideas that are exported all over the world.


Sectors of application

Glass pane handling

Installation of glazing and curtain walls on buildings and skyscrapers, handling of glass panes and non-porous materials by means of hydraulic manipulators and vacuum lifters integrated in our cranes.


Building works (from housing to large public works and facilities).

Industrial maintenance

Indoor and outdoor industrial maintenance: shopping malls, ships, museums, schools, hospitals, exhibition halls as well as transports, airports, sports grounds, roads, leisure parks, graveyards, houses, railways, etc.)

Mining, oil, nuclear, chemical, drilling and militay sectors

These specific fields require elevated standards in terms of accuracy, lightweight tools and handiness: that’s exactly what the Jekko minicranes offer.

… and others

Jekko is taking a gamble and investing on several niche sectors where the use of minicranes is required: cinema, airspace, luxury products, etc.

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Worldwide dealer network

Jekko dealers in the five Continents

Relying on over 30 official dealers, Jekko is now present all over the world with products that are always a step ahead of their competitors on the market.

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